Teaching Testimonials

“Gary presents the foundation of technical guitar mechanics in a zen-like, matter-of-fact manner: This is the road to enlightenment. No shortcuts, no excuses.”

—Steven Williams
Sebastopol, CA

“Gary is a very talented guitarist. I have learned so much from Gary.  He is an amazing teacher!”

—Evan Rodgers
11 yrs old

“I’ve progressed so much as a guitarist since I started with Gary, and I always have a pretty rad time during the lessons. Gary rocks.”

—Sam Konzen
High-School Student

“Dear Mr. Vogensen,

Thank you for all the help…Working with you has been exceptionally fun and easy.  When we played that almost perfect jam of “Hideway” by the great Freddie King, my blues liking sparked up a milestone. During that jam, I felt the Blues grooving through my fingers.  Thanks for helping me get an “A” my senior project on Blues Guitar.”

—Aaron Pimintel
2011 graduate of Casa Grande High School

“I have been taking guitar lessons from Gary for almost a year now. My playing has improved immensely as a result of his well organized teaching methods. Gary introduced me to the “CAGED” system which finally brought into focus for me the relationship between the various chord shapes, chord voicings and scales. The fretboard finally makes sense to me and I can find my way around it. Gary’s strong foundation in music theory combined with his excellent technical skills created just the right balance for me. Best of all, Gary not only plays well and understands the guitar, but he can teach it. I never felt as if he was talking down to me. He is able to communicate and teach complicated concepts in a very understandable way.”

—David Leff
Leff Construction

“Gary showed me how to connect the dots. He opened up the fret board with the CAGED System, so that I now know exactly what note I’m playing, and the patterns that sound best with the key I’m in. I’ve learned more from him in a year than I have in my past 30 years of playing.”

—Michael Davis
Co-Founder, Illuminations

“I thought I went to (Gary) to learn to play better guitar (and I am) but I’m also learning much about music theory.  I call Gary a music teacher who uses a guitar to teach.”

—Pat Mullin