gary_playing1I’ve been playing guitar professionally for over 40 years and teaching for over 20. I’ve learned that everyone moves forward at his or her own pace. My job is to inspire. I work with all levels and styles (with the exception of classical). Guitar lessons first and foremost should be fun…

Beginners of any age can look forward to an enjoyable overview of fretboard basics tailored to each student’s individual needs and goals. Rhythmic studies of simple chord progressions and fundamental scales will allow the new player to achieve a sense of accomplishment almost immediately.

Intermediate players with some knowledge of chords and related scales have many options. Knowledge of how chords and scales relate to each other can dramatically improve the student’s ability to hear a song and know the chords of that song without ever picking up a guitar!

Even the most Advanced players have “blind spots”. I love helping pros increase the marketability of their playing.

Jamming and Improvising

As we play together as student and teacher or along with CDs, you will learn the basics of jamming. We will demystify the concept of improvisation. Musicians improvise from a vocabulary they have developed over time. BB King, for example, has enjoyed over a half a century of prosperity and fun with a limited number of simple licks that work for him. But even the most complicated and sophisticated jazz solos are created from a vocabulary and a strategy that has been worked out ahead of time.


Even the simplest scale or chord sounds best when the guitar is in tune. It is recommended that each student purchase a quality tuning machine. I encourage everyone to arrive a few minutes early and spend a few minutes getting their instrument in tune before the lesson.

Rates and Policies

Lessons are $30.00 per half hour and $60.00 per hour and are reserved on a monthly basis. Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month. 48 hour notice of cancellation is required in order to avoid forfeiture of the fee. Proper cancellations will not result in refunds but makeup lessons will be offered.